Recipe of the Month: Wild Garlic Pesto

Recipe of the Month: Garlic Pesto

There is nothing I love more at this time of year than the influx of wild garlic. Found generally near river banks and in woodland, it is native to our nice, damp forest floors and is a culinary treat that can flavour this entire season.

Easily recognisable for its subtle smell of garlic, the leaves form a single base from their bulb. If foraging isn’t your bag, the delicious wild garlic is also available on the market but when there is an abundance of it lining the forest floor, you may as well have a go.

My own personal recipe for wild garlic pesto was evolved over time from what I have in. However, it makes a big jar full and lasts for over a week in the fridge.


A big bunch of wild garlic

2 lemons

Half a cup of walnuts

Half a cup of extra virgin olive oil

Plenty of salt.


  1. Give your foraged garlic a good wash and dry.
  2. Put it into your blender with the rind of one large lemon or two smaller ones. Now add the juice of the lemon, the nuts and the olive oil.
  3. Blitz and consistantly scrape the sides down. If it is struggling to blend then it needs more liquid, so add as much as needed.
  4. Season. I find this stage is determined by taste. I add a healthy amount of salt because I use it as a seasoning on other dishes. Taste it to check you have hit the salt notes.
  5. Store in fridge in an airtight jar. Pour a drizzle of olive oil on top to seal.

That’s it. One of the easiest things to make and absolutely delicious on a vast range of foods. Either on linguine or pizza, or added raw to a hearty stew, the zing acts like a gremolata or picada and lifts the flavour of any dish.

If you have a go, make sure you tag us, so we can see your tasty dishes.


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