Designer Close-Up: Florist Faerie

One of the most significant parts of LYCC is our absolute love of the natural and botanical world. Inspired by the Yorkshire wilds, we try and recreate this majestic, sensual experience in our shop and the scents we offer. Therefore, when we were going into a bricks and mortar shop, it was crucial that we brought some of Yorkshire’s florabunda inside. Partnering with the incredible Hannah Young of Florist Faerie, this connection was made.

Hannah Young of Florist Faerie

Hannah has been trained as a florist for fifteen years. After leaving a career in property, her obsession with flowers never waned and she bit the bullet and followed her dream. Working for eleven years in the trade, she then felt ready to set up on her own, and four years ago The Florist Faerie was born.

Her entire drive is the joy and visual pleasure flowers can offer, and she also styles windows and creates bouquets for different boutique businesses. This is where the work she does with Alex Hall of LYCC comes in. Both Alex and Hannah wanted to come up with a way of capturing the botanical element of the business in a way that would complement the scents, so she got Hannah in to style exclusive bunches of dried flowers. These delicately crafted bouquets became a huge hit in lockdown as a way of sending love, expanding their range to offer them in multiple formats and as a part of some of the giftboxes on offer. (Like here).

As well as designing things in keeping with the store’s “Born of Botanics” tagline, she also offers a range of workshops, sharing the work she does. The next one will be a workshop in December, teaching us all to make festive wreaths on wire frames. These have been a huge success in the past., so register your interest here with “wreath making” in the subject.

Follow the Florist Faerie’s maticulous floral stylings here.

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