By Alex

Scenting your Head Space

Some of the most beautiful natural things in life are delicate in their beauty . I believe this to be true of fragrance too. The most beautiful scented flowers are the ones your bend down to take in the scent , an intimate moment enjoying the fragrance and the thoughts that it evokes. This is […]

By Alex

Candle Care and Getting the Most from your Candle

I saw a picture today on a candle makers forum of a glass container that had shattered from a supermarket branded candle. Someone asked why this has happened , what had caused it ? To be honest the reasons were too many to say exactly why this had happened as the candle had ticked nearly […]

By admin

A Sensory Enterprise: The Candle Maker’s Story

There is something very special about a candle. I remember the first time I saw one made, it was by some Monks pouring them by hand in Sussex: the smells stuck with me and I have since become rather obsessed, so when walking through Love Thy Interiors in York and a smell stirred my senses, I was […]