Candle Care and Getting the Most from your Candle

Candle Care

I saw a picture today on a candle makers forum of a glass container that had shattered from a supermarket branded candle. Someone asked why this has happened , what had caused it ? To be honest the reasons were too many to say exactly why this had happened as the candle had ticked nearly all of the below Do Nots .. but ultimately it is down to Candle care . This is something I am a bit of a bore on to be honest . When I visit my friends homes regardless of whose candles they are burning they get a lesson on candle care if I see silly mistakes happening . This may amuse them but it’s because I care and don’t want any unnecessary accidents to happen. Unfortunately I won’t be knocking on all your doors to check but please do look after your candles . 1. Always trim the wick after each burn . A too long wick builds up too much heat and can put heat pressure on the glass container making heat spots , especially if it is close to the glass. 2. Remove any debris . Debris can cause a second wick effect and again create to much heat for the glass 3. Never burn for over the time stipulated by the manufacturer on their candle care . This is the time that they deem safe for your candle to burn . Leaving to burn too long will again create to much heat for the glass . 4. If black smoke is present , put the candle out and trim the wick before you light again . 5. Do not burn your candle down to the bottom of the glass . A flame too near to the base is again too close to the glass and will create to much heat for the glass . 6 . Place on a heat resistant surface 7. Don’t leave unattended 8. Don’t leave near children or pets 9. Do not place near to curtains or open drafts 10 . Do not place too near any other object . So please do care for your candles you will not only get the best out of them but you will stay safe too . .

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