By Alex

Scenting your Head Space

Some of the most beautiful natural things in life are delicate in their beauty . I believe this to be true of fragrance too. The most beautiful scented flowers are the ones your bend down to take in the scent , an intimate moment enjoying the fragrance and the thoughts that it evokes. This is […]

By Alex

Candle Care and Getting the Most from your Candle

I saw a picture today on a candle makers forum of a glass container that had shattered from a supermarket branded candle. Someone asked why this has happened , what had caused it ? To be honest the reasons were too many to say exactly why this had happened as the candle had ticked nearly […]

By admin

Sleep well…

Sleep well… Chamomile, lavender and lavendin Lavender is a well known and effective essential oil to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Chamomile is another popular choice of essential oil often used for insomnia. With our Sleep candle think wild beautiful countryside, coastal breezes, cricket teas and mix it with aromatic lavender, reminiscent of balmy heat, […]