Celebrating Mothers

You can thank the ancient Greeks for your well-earned breakfast in bed and Mother’s Day flowers on March 22.

They set a precedent by paying homage to Rhea, Mother Goddess to the other deities, with festivals of celebration and worship each Spring.

The ancient Romans similarly honoured the Mother Goddess Cybele each March, as far back as 250 B.C.

Yet Mothering Sunday (‘Mother’s Day’ is an American invention) has its strongest origins in a 16th century tradition that took place on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

People would be given a day to go ‘a-mothering’ and return to their ‘mother church’ – either their local Church or Cathedral, or the place where they were baptised.

Children would pick wildflowers along the way to place in church or give to their mothers, starting the tradition of giving a gift on that day.

And now it’s evolved into a highly commercial event that has been hijacked by guilt-laden pressure to buy more gifts in plastic wrapping, unethical beauty products, and bouquets of foreign flowers.

So this Mother’s Day, turn your thoughts to the one mother we all have in common – the Earth – and be more conscious of honouring her by giving gifts that won’t do harm.

Pick ethical and eco-conscious products, and steer clear of unnecessary plastic packaging and chemical-based products.

Choose local flowers or even a hand-picked bundle of snowdrops from the garden.

One of our hand-made botanical candles or diffusers would make a perfect gift – especially as when you sign up to our newsletter on the website you get a packet of bee-friendly wildflower seeds with your purchase.( until end March 2020)

That way you can treat your own Mum to something special whilst giving back to Mother Nature.

I think Rhea would approve.

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