Choosing a Scented Candle (Without Smelling It)

Candles make perfect gifts. Whether the occasion calls for a thank you, hearty congratulations or – heaven forbid – an apology, they provide fragrance and beauty at a similar price point to a bouquet of flowers. However, they last much longer and, unlike lilies, they won’t drop pollen all over your fanciest tablecloth.


But how to choose a candle confidently when you haven’t smelled the full range – for example, when buying online? Never fear, we’ve got plenty of tips for choosing the perfect scent for a loved one – or even yourself. Hey, it’s all in the name of self-love.


  • Consult a Fragrance Wheel



You’ve probably heard of a colour wheel, but a fragrance wheel? Well, a fragrance wheel contains the four different ‘scent families’, and then breaks these groups down into different fragrance notes. You’ll probably find you have a preference for fragrances from a particular family or two rather than liking everything right across the wheel, so ask yourself this: of the four scent families (that’s floral, fresh, sweet/oriental and woody) which appeals the most? Floral scents include rose and violet; fresh scents comprise green, fruity and citrusy notes; sweet odours are more intense and even spicy, while woody scents bring leather, moss and freshly sanded floors to mind. Which stirs your senses?


  • ‘Tis the Season.

Now that the weather has turned a bit cooler – well, for the moment, at least – it’s time to consider which fragrances suit the time of year. We’re heading into Autumn and then Winter, so make your home cosy and inviting with woollen throws, cushions and delightful seasonal scents. Warm, inviting fragrances like SLEEP and SENSUAL work well in the cooler months, and watch out for the launch of our Christmas candle (yes, we just said the ‘C’ word) MIDWINTER very soon


  • Consider Your Space

Where will you be placing your candle? Large rooms can carry a more intense scent which might feel suffocating in a smaller space, e.g. a downstairs loo. Think about what activities take place in each room, too – don’t choose anything too floral or heavy for spaces where you’ll be preparing food, for example. An energising, citrusy scent would be ideal for your home office or wherever your teenager does their homework, whereas a lavender scent can aid a restful night’s sleep. Also consider whether a candle or a diffuser is your best option – diffusers provide a gentle scent 24/7, whereas a candle provides bursts of fragrance when you need it most.




  • A Thing of Beauty

The best scented candles don’t just smell divine: they’re ornaments in themselves. Choose a candle which compliments your stylish surroundings. FYI, all Little Yorkshire Candles are presented in an elegant grey or white glass container with copper lid and come in a stunning gift box illustrated with botanical and Yorkshire-inspired illustrations. Ahem, just saying 😉 We also stock a range of elegant candle accessories – check out our new oak candle boards and exquisite match bottles.

Match Glass Bottle
Match Glass Bottle
  • Go Natural

At The Little Yorkshire Candle Company, we believe the best scents are born of botanics and are 100% natural. In fact, TLYCC began after founder Alex tried – and failed – to find a candle that she loved which didn’t irritate her son’s asthma with a heavy, synthetic fragrance. When you buy a Little Yorkshire Candle, you’re buying essential oils, plant extracts, beeswax, soya and coconut – oh, and a natural cotton or linen wick, depending on the fragrance. That’s it. No synthetics and no hidden nasties – just 100% natural goodness.


We’ve even got a handy ‘search by fragrance’ tool on the website and we tag our candles with fragrance notes – warm, woody, zesty, exotic etc – so you can choose your candle with total confidence. What are you waiting for? Shop now.

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