Hannah Turlington

Designer Close-Up: Hannah Turlington

One thing we have always been proud of at LYCC is our exclusive collaborations. Working with local artists and designers, we work with and promote other small businesses all under the canopy of our own brand. One such collaboration we are excited to share with you is with the visual storyteller Hannah Turlington.  

Hannah, who is also North Yorkshire-based, has always held seasonal and botanical printmaking at the core of her work. Much like Alex Hall of The Little Yorkshire Candle Company, Hannah has found her muse in nature is “drawn to nature and use[s] that as inspiration in [my] original lino prints and designs.” Hannah was drawn to Alex via Instagram seeing something organic and products and photographs. Seeing a synergy with her own style, Hannah comments, “I love the way Alex is so passionate about her brand and is committed to working with independent designers and small businesses to develop other products that complement all of the lovely things in her shop. “

The rest is evident in the exclusive products that the two of them they produced. Alex wanted a lino cut design that could be used as a placement print or a repeat pattern. The two decided upon the types of images for the design, using the bank of images that had already been illustrated by Sarah Relf for the candle packaging. Hannah chose chamomile, mint, lavender, bees, tea cups and of course LYCC’s own symbol: the acorn. Hannah then began the process of creating the lino cut print. The first stage is to illustrate, trace and transfer the combined images to the lino block, before carving the A2 size lino block and finally, printing. By digitising the images, she was able to create placement prints for the tea towels and a repeat pattern for the aprons.

Hannah Turlington tea towels
Exclusive range of teatowells. Designed with Hannah Turlington.

“Creating a design in lino block is a lengthy process but does create an organic finished result, as it is evident that it is a process that comes from a handcrafted piece.” The two women are pleased to have created a product range that showcases their love of the natural world and by working in such an organic meduim are pleased that lovers of both brands can now take a little bit of nature home with them.

Hannah Turlington at work in her studio in North Yorkshire

The exclusive lino print range has three different teatowels – link here and an apron in either peach or yellow.

To read more about what Hannah Turlington is up to in the coming months, visit her website here.

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