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Valentine’s Day is almost upon us – as if we could forget with pink-and-red reminders in every other shop window!

It’s easy to get swept up in the commercial pressure and rush around buying cards, gifts and flowers for your partner or book into any restaurant just to have a table somewhere.

But why not consider supporting local businesses and ethical companies this year instead of succumbing to the high street hype?

We’ve got a few suggestions for Valentine’s Day to make it a little more conscious and local-friendly, whether you’re coupled up, happily single or frantically trawling through Bumble for a date.

If you’re a fan of Valentine’s and love to treat others or be lavished yourself on February 14th, then go all out and enjoy yourself.

But consider supporting local businesses and ethical companies instead of succumbing to the high street hype.

When you show some love for your local shops, restaurants and artists, you can know you’ve done your bit to keep your retail communities thriving with local talent and personality.  

In Yorkshire (and York especially) there are countless small businesses making unique artisan and eco goods that would make an exquisite gift with a touch of heart.

Shopping locally is an easier way to avoid plastic and unethical production too.

Find a local artist who makes their own cards or buy one from an independent boutique instead of trawling the endless shelves of a high street stationery store.

Give your business to a local flower store to deliver your Valentine’s bouquet for you, like The York Flower Company.https://www.theyorkflowercompany.co.uk/

Choose gifts from small beauty companies using ingredients that aren’t tested on animals. Clockface Beauty  https://clockfacebeauty.com/  in York offer ranges of natural, organic vegan skincare for women and men.

Chocolate lovers can also indulge whilst buying local, with bars, truffles and hot chocolate from York Cocoa House https://www.yorkcocoahouse.co.uk/ .  

Staying in for the night? Set the scene by burning our botanical Sensual candle to get you in the mood with its seductive fragrance.

If you’re donning your chef’s hat, give the big supermarkets a miss and buy local produce. Find hand-reared meat, organic local veg and treat yourselves to award-winning wine from Little Wold Vineyard.  https://www.littlewoldvineyard.co.uk/

If cooking isn’t your thing, show some love to your local independents and choose one of those restaurants rather than a chain. Especially if their food is local and sustainable, like at the renowned Roots in York. https://www.rootsyork.com/

If you fancy indulging in a spa – alone, with your loved or your girlfriends – opt for an environmentally-friendly one, like the Titanic Spa who have long been eco pioneers in the spa industry.  https://www.titanicspa.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIl8TB8-i35wIVD8DeCh0nNg7JEAAYASAAEgID2_D_BwE

Whether you’re going to be spending February 14 with someone or giving yourself some love and pampering, put a little thought into whose pockets you’d like your money to go in.

And give some love to local.


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