Hello, I’m Alex, and I’m the founder of The Little Yorkshire Candle Company.
I’m a Yorkshire native and I’ve always adored scent. When I was a little girl I used to make my own ‘perfume’: phlox, lavender, daisies, asters, forget-me-nots, snapdragons, whatever I could lay my hands on. I’d shred the petals, mix with water and pour my precious potion into eau-de-toilette bottles scavenged from my mother’s dressing table. Even now, the faintest hint of rose takes me back in time to my childhood garden: dirty knees, mucky clothes, stained fingertips and all. I think that’s why I love scent so much – the power it has to unlock our memories, to transport us to another place. Fast-forward a few years and I launched a career in retail. At Harrods, I got such a thrill from working with high-end brands and fine goods and my personal aesthetic become more defined. I couldn’t ignore the ache, though – I missed Yorkshire, the landscapes, the people and their straight-talking honesty. We moved back to North Yorkshire, where our small village studio is now based.

Making candles began in earnest for me with motherhood. I’d always been crafty but I started to pour my own candles after struggling to find a brand that wasn’t heavily scented with the synthetic fragrances which irritated my son’s asthma. I was committed to creating a natural product, and I’m proud to say that each of our Little Yorkshire Candle Company candles are made from 100% natural ingredients: coconut, soy and beeswax, with the scents deriving from essential oils and plant extracts. Not much has changed in the thirty five years since I first made ‘perfume’ in my back garden – my love of Yorkshire and my love of fragrances – my favourite is mimosa – is still at the root of everything I do. Oh, and I still have the stained fingertips, although I do use an apron in the workshop – most of the time!

Alex x