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  • Ovis Men’s Soap


    Ovis men’s soap

    Ovis For Men Schafmilchseife – Sheep’s milk has a very protein and fat content, along with a high density of vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory agents. When used on human skin it has a very nurturing and soothing effect, making it very moisturising and especially suitable for very sensitive and irritated skin.

    Through premium plant oils (sustainably produced palm-oil,  almond-oil, shea butter) and sheepmilk Ovis sheep-milk soap regulates skin-oil of users. Even if washed a lot, the skin remains protected and does not dry out. This makes sheep-milk soap especially skin-friendly and pleasant

    For Men- A masculine perfumed aroma.

  • Ovis Wild Rose Soap


    Ovis Wild Rose soap

    OVIS sheep milk SOAP rose lavender with especially mild and skin-friendly oils nourishes the sensitive skin with pure botanical ingredients with a creamy froth and the unique fragrance of roses. With almond oil, sheep’s milk. Exactly the right care, especially in the winter. Quality products 100 g piece square 8.5 x 6 cm. original Ovis sheep milk SOAP: an exclusive gift, which combines care, fragrance and home decor in one and makes it as something special. Made the original 100% in Austria. Lavish and creamy.

    Without fillers, silicone and oil. Lovingly handmade.

    Unbeatable selection in fragrance, colour & design.

    With organic sheep milk from Austria.

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