Scenting your Head Space

Some of the most beautiful natural things in life are delicate in their beauty . I believe this to be true of fragrance too. The most beautiful scented flowers are the ones your bend down to take in the scent , an intimate moment enjoying the fragrance and the thoughts that it evokes. This is true too of our candles . The relationship the scent has is more with the mind than the nose. There are no artificial additives within our fragrance mixes to give a smack you in the face punch of perfume but a gentle ambient release of essential oils to work with your mood. Having been faced with candles that have been too much to stay in the same room as without giving me personal health reactions for many years, I have developed a range of candles that gently adds to your surroundings without taking it over . Whether it be on your desk , bath side or side table our candles will delicately scent your personal space. 

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