The Positive Wellness Journal


Full of ways to help nourish your mind, body and soul this journal can help you find your way to a sense of wellbeing. Encouraging you to bring awareness to how you move through your day. Setting intentions in the morning and then reflecting at night is a great way to bring positivity in your life.

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The Positive Wellness Journal

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The Positive Wellness Journal combines weekly quotes, daily writing and activities such as breathing and art therapy to help you nourish your mind, body and soul.

-12 weeks of positivity & encouragement, but with no breaks there is no time no pressure to write, just simply pick up and put down when you need it!

-Undated for you to start at anytime and a whole years mood tracker to understand contributing factors to your energy.

-Journalling really is as powerful as you have heard, setting intentions and living mindfully is a decision and a tool like this can really help you look after yourself.

-All wrapped up in a beautiful energising orange fabric, and hardback so you can write on the move!

-Gold foil emboss on front and spine.