The Best of Independent Yorkshire Retailers

It’s no secret that here at The Little Yorkshire Candle Company we think that Yorkshire is the best place on earth to live and work – the history, the plain speaking, the puddings, it all makes our hearts sing! – and independent retailers are right at the very top of our list of what makes Yorkshire truly great.


The people of this beautiful region have an entrepreneurial flair combined with a creative spirit that makes them force to be reckoned with, and so in the run-up to Yorkshire Day – 1st August for the uninitiated – I thought I’d show some independent retailer love and share the details of my favourite indie businesses and brands from God’s Own County.


But just a quick warning before we get going: The Little Yorkshire Candle Company cannot be held responsible for damages incurred to your bank account 😉


Sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…




I’m a candlemaker- how could I write a list of my favourite Yorkshire shopping indies and not mention an interiors shop or two?


First up is Gingerbread Interiors – this beautiful little boutique in the Piece Hall in Halifax is my happy place. Owner Sharon is an inspiration – she left the world of Finance Management after she had her son and moved into the beautiful world of interior design. She offers styling services and project management alongside a stunning curated selection of furniture and accessories. Her stying mix of faded French chic and bold contemporary items is entirely her own and her business ethos – promoting locally sourced, sustainably produced products wherever possible – make me even more of a fangirl.

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Then there’s Aberford Interiors, based at Hicklam House. Walking into Aberford is like stepping into the best version of your own home – effortlessly stylish, light and minimalist without being stark, traditional with a modern twist. Their Queen Anne house showroom is unquestionably high-end, and yet so friendly and approachable – you really can’t visit without feeling inspired. And did we mention they have a teashop? They have a teashop! With cake!

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Love Thy Interiors is another Yorkshire gem – a family-run business based in York and Thirsk.  They specialise in furniture, gifts and homeware for all budgets and **the** most fabulous window displays you’ll have seen in a long time. I’m currently lusting after their velvet pompom cushions and Emma Bridgewater posh picnic boxes.


I’m limiting myself to four interiors independents – maybe I need to do another post just on indie interiors stores in Yorkshire? – and Hilary and Flo in Sheffield makes up the magic number. Quirky, characterful and playful are all words that jump immediately to mind with Hilary and Flo – exotic decorative animals, wild floral and botanic designs, bold colours and luxe metallics and a really, really sexy 1970s vibe. Confession: I just want to dive head first into their Instagram and live there.

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OK, so tearing myself away from interiors and heading for flowers instead. I love a good flower shop, and Kate Mell Flowers in Boston Spa is amongst the best. Her website brags that her arrangements are “not off the shelf, but creative couture” and, my goodness, has she nailed it. She does tied bouquets, flower subscriptions, events and functions, weddings (obvs), flowers for business and she delivers locally, so the question isn’t how can you have Kate Mell in your life but rather how soon?

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Flowers at 180 – Gorgeous Cate offers stunning blooms, plants and accessories, a tonne of artistic flair and the loveliest, most personalised service you can possibly imagine. These are ‘classically modern’ flowers; timeless, with just a little bit of edge. This lady makes me want to wear a flower crown on a daily basis because hers are so. darn. fabulous.

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Botanic York is recent-ish addition to the indie York scene, but they’re making waves. They sell foliage plants, cacti, succulents, plant accessories and gifts in a quaint Walmgate shop in the heart of York. One quick visit and some well-selected purchases (say, a Monstera, a few potted succulents and something trailing from a macrame hanger) and your humble home will be instantly transformed into a hip Instagram-friendly haven. Simples.




I love everything about Kemps General Store from their gorgeous turquoise shop front, to their Malton setting. I particularly love owner Liz’s unofficial shop motto: ‘An emporium of the beautiful and the unusual, for everyone.’ Whether you’re looking for a pocket money treat or a more substantial splurge on something really special, Kemps has the answer. The only trouble you’ll have is choosing between their gorgeous ranges.

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Chirpy in Leeds is another hot young independent on the Chapel Allerton scene. Founded as an an tidote to the ‘mass-produced, soulless design’ that reigns on the high street, Chirpy prides itself on stocking products and gifts which are that little bit different – and all the more special as a consequence. Owner Jo also does her best to source Yorkshire products and collaborate with Yorkshire designers and makers, so that’s a big fat ‘yay!’ from The Little Yorkshire Candle Company!



After finally all that shopping, you might be looking a little bedraggled – but never fear, Prept in York are here! Man, these ladies do a strong eyebrow game. And eyelash game, AND glitter-festival-makeup-application game. Two gorgeous girls, running their own gorgeous business making other ladies look gorgeous. Hats off.





Has all that talk of Yorkshire independents got you in the mood for shopping? Why not treat yourself – or a loved one – to a Little Yorkshire Candle Company Candle? Our hand-poured candles are inspired by the natural beauty of Yorkshire and are made with essential oils and pure plant extracts. Whether you want to unwind or invigorate your senses, you’ll find your perfect match in our range of honest, synthetic-free candles. You can browse and buy direct here, or you can head out to one of our stockists.

Featured Image Photo Credit York Press – Fossgate Festival

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