The Haunting of Our Lady’s Row: A Yorkshire Halloween Round Up

With ghostly season upon us, York (the home to our shop) is in full swing. Ghost walkers pray the streets and people tour the city looking for the many haunted streets that make it one of the most supposedly haunted cities in Britain.

Now we really don’t want to make our followers from further afield feel left out, but we do think York does Halloween well and we always want you to come and visit. So, if we make it appealing enough, you will be tethering up your pumpkin carriage to come and join us and meet our friendly shop ghost.

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

We love a pumpkin patch. Only recently taking off on this scope in the UK, they make a really fun day out. Lots of opportunities to pick our own pumpkins now surround us and we chose one at the Balloon Tree the other day, where we filled our wheelbarrow ready to do a fantastic display. Since then, we have heard of a few others of note in the region and wanted to share.

Castle Howard’s Pumpkin Patch here.

Piglets Pumpkin Festival here.

Pop-Up Patch near Sutton on the Forrest here.

Ghost Week

In honour of another York-based small business, The York Ghost Merchants – the makers and sellers of the original and finest York Ghosts – are launching Ghost Week.

The Ghost Merchants have been hiding little Ghosts around the city of York for many years. It is free to participate in and open to young and old. As twilight gives in to night, the Merchants invite you to join the search each evening between 6pm and 8pm (Monday – Thursday only) for Little York Ghosts along the atmospheric ancient streets that surround York Minster.

There are 100 to find each evening and included in their number are some rare & unusual ones. Read more HERE.

Carve your Pumpkin Parties

These are a great way to celebrate this time of year. Just get together with your mates and get the snacks out and the gloves on. However, we are supplying you with the tools to pumpkin glory by doing a round up of some pretty cool ideas with out top five pumpkin inspirations.

  1. Constellation pumpkin – these may not seem scary. But they look insane. We did one last year by following this tutorial.
  2. With the new The Batman trailer landing this week, we are totally in the zone. We have tracked down some brilliant free stensils here. Now If we do this one and light it up, will Robert Pattinson appear at the door? Asking for a friend.
  3. Celebrate the release of the new Halloween movie, Halloween Kills, with a classic Michael Myers-inspired mask pumpkin or copy the title sequence pumpkin and see if you have any film nuts among your neighbours. Watch the trailer HERE and go see the film in cinemas now. Not for your kiddies!
  4. We love the newer phase of painting pumpkins. It waterproofs them a bit on our porch and although less iconic come nightfall, they really get to show off in the day. We absolutely love this one from Sustain my craft habit here.


We decided to honour the sheer age of the building we inhabit here in York; one that we are amazed none of the city’s hauntings surround. Our Lady’s Row has until now remained unscathed by ghostly presence since 1316. Many have suggested this is due to the fact the houses were once built for priests, others the safety of the church on whose land we were built, and others have merely whispered at the forces that keep us still standing. Nonetheless, we wanted to become a part of this incredible building’s history and thus LYCCander was born… where lyccander haunts, he brings only charm, for with little wails, he knows no harm. Shop for him here.

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