Your sacrifices don’t go unnoticed: How to thank your teacher.

This last year has been horrific (I won’t sugar-coat that) for teachers. No, there is no monopoly on hardships, but teachers have been up there, on the front line, dealing with a whole multitude of rubbish and supporting our children throughout this pandemic and always.

Some of the stories from friends who teach have, quite frankly, shocked me. Understaffing, home schooling while teaching, GCSE mess-ups, emotional support to kids, safeguarding issues, going through absolute horror, zero priority in vaccination: the list could go on. Now that the end of the school year approaches, we wanted to do a little round-up of ways you can say thank you to these teachers, who have in many ways gone above and beyond the call of duty this past year.

Here are five little suggestions of things we have that would put a little smile on that special teacher’s face:

  1. The Restore Box This was specifically designed to help people who could really use a little reset. So what better way to show that you can sympathise with your teacher’s hard work, and encourage them to start their summer holidays with a little pamper session? Also, these eye pillows are amazing for use after far too much marking.

2. One of our “Just to Say” cards: If you fancy something personal, then how about writing a card? Tell your teacher how they have been there for you and express it in your own way. I guarantee this small but personal sign of appreciation will be so welcome to the recipient.

3. A Serenity Candle: I think this one goes without need for explanation. They really need those vibes of serenity and relaxation.

4. A calming oil warmer: In keeping with our promotion of relaxation, and encouraging our teachers to really unwind in their brief downtime, a calming oil burner will do just that. Perfect for use with our essential oils or wax melts. Simply light a tealight inside, and allow it to warm the scent of their (or your) choice.

5. Make your own giftbox: We also encourge you to get creative. There are so many little bits that could make a teacher of any gender happy, so who are we to prescribe what your very individual teacher would love? Pop by the shop or look online and fill something completely personalised and to your own budget.

If, like me, you want to thank your kid’s amazing teachers for all they have done, then make sure you tell them how much they have helped you (if you feel they have). It doesn’t have to cost much at all, and making them feel seen will go a long way.

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